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    Travel from Hua Hin Railway Station to Pattaya

    The quickest and easiest way to travel from Hua Hin to Pattaya is by direct ferry. The journey by ferry from Hua Hin to Pattaya takes 2 hours 15 minutes, compared to a journey of 5 hours 30 minutes by bus or 4 to 5 hours by taxi.

    Travel Times to Pattaya

    There is a single daily ferry service from Hua Hin to Pattaya.

    Hua HinPattayaCompanyTicket
    15:4518:00Royal Passenger Liner1,250 THB
    • Child fares are available at the slightly reduced price of 1,090 THB per person.

    Buy Tickets to Pattaya

    Use the Search box below to buy your tickets from Hua Hin to Pattaya.

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    As well as the electronic voucher you will be sent after booking, the ferry operator requires at that travellers show picture ID before boarding the train. For foreign visitors this means showing your passport.

    Hua Hin Ferry Pier

    The ferry to Pattaya departs from Khao Ta Kiab pier which is 7.3 km by road to the south of Hua Hin Railway Station. We recommend that you take a tuk-tuk from the railway station to Khao Ta Kiab pier.

    Google Map of Khao Ta Kiab pier

    Arrival in Pattaya

    The ferry from Hua Hin arrives at Bali Hai Pier which is 950 metres walking distance from Walking Street in Pattaya.

    Google Map of Bali Hai Pier

    About Pattaya

    Pattaya is the closest major beach resort to Bangkok and for this reason it’s also one of the most visited places in Thailand. Pattaya attracts a wide range of types of visitors from all over the world. Increasingly the majority of visitors are on short breaks from other Asian countries, which is a major change from the early days of tourism in Pattaya in the 1960s when most of the visitors were American military personnel taking a break from fighting in Vietnam.

    View of Pattaya City

    View of Pattaya City

    Pattaya is a relatively large city with a permanent population of over 300,000 Thai people, and several hundred thousand more migrant workers and other foreigners staying long term in the city. Pattaya has two major beaches, Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach, separated by Phra Tamnak Mountain. Pattaya is a large and varied place with lots of things to do and many different types of experience to be had there. It is hard to define exactly what type of place Pattaya is and it’s not simply the long Walking Street which is lined with Go-Go Bars. Families also come to Pattaya and there are theme parks and other attractions catering primarily to families. The secret to planning an enjoyable trip to Pattaya is working out what type of experience you and the people you are travelling with want when you visit the city and booking your accommodation and tour itinerary for your time in Pattaya around those requirements. Pattaya is good value for money, and has convenient transport links to Bangkok, and can be a great place for a holiday, or a bad one depending on where you stay and where you choose to go.

    Trains from Surat Thani to Hua Hin

    There are ten trains a day from Surat Thani to Hua Hin. If you are travelling from Surat Thani the most relaxed option is to take the daytime train and spend 1 night in Hua Hin before catching the ferry to Pattaya.

    • Buy tickets for trains from Surat Thani to Hua Hin.
    Surat ThaniHua HinTrainService
    10:4015:5840Special Express
    20:4102:1842/44Special Express
    23:2806:0238/46Special Express
    23:5706:2632Special Express

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