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    Travel from Hat Yai Railway Station to Koh Tarutao

    There is a direct joint bus and boat service from Hat Yai Railway Station all the way to Koh Tarutao. If you get the right train you can travel over night from Bangkok and arrive at Hat Yai the next morning in time to go straight to Koh Tarutao.

    Travel Times to Koh Tarutao

    There is a single daily direct service from Hat Yai Railway Station to Koh Tarutao which you can book online.

    Hat Yai StationKoh TarutaoCostCompany
    08:3012:001,150 THBTigerline Travel

    • The first part of this service is by minivan to the Pak Bara Pier.
    • The second part of this service is by speed boat to Koh Tarutao.

    Buy Tickets to Koh Tarutao

    Use the Search Box below to buy your bus tickets from Hat Yai Railway Station to Koh Tarutao.

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    Train Times from Bangkok to Hat Yai

    There are 5 daily train services from Bangkok to Hat Yai.

    BangkokHat YaiTrainService
    14.4506.3531Special Express
    15.1007.2037Special Express
    22.50 12.3441Special Express

    Location of Hat Railway Station

    Tigerline Travel services to Koh Tarutao depart from in front of Hat Yai Junction Railway Station

    Google Map of Hat Yai Railway Station

    Location of Koh Tarutao Pier

    Joint minivan and speed boat transfer from Hat Yai Railway Station arrive at pier in the north of Koh Tarutao.

    Google Map of Koh Tarutao Pier

    About Koh Tarutao

    Koh Tarutao is a fairly large island located on the west coast of Thailand only 7 km north to the Malaysian island of Langkawi. Despite its size, 26 km long and 11 km wide, and its beautiful beaches, Koh Tarutao has never really been developed as a holiday destination. There are some small bungalows and campsites along with restaurants and shops, especially in the north of the island, and a concrete road through the centre but other than that there isn’t much else on Koh Tao. There is no internet and no connection to electric from the mainland so the only electric there is what is generated by the small resorts and normally only from 18:00 to 06:00. The island is, though, a pristine natural reserve with clean beaches and some great walks to do around the mountainous terrain.

    Koh Tarutao Marine Park

    Koh Tarutao Marine Park

    Koh Tarutao has an interesting history. From 1938 to 1948 the island was a prison camp. Some of the inmates were political prisoners who were kept on Koh Tarutao to keep them apart from the wider prison population and visitors from the outside. During World War II the supply of food to the island became infrequent and both inmates and prison guards turned to piracy to get food and other supplies from passing ships. The piracy became increasingly frequent and violent until in 1951 the British army invaded the island and ‘suppressed’ the instigators.

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