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    Travel by train from Bangkok to Koh Lipe

    The best route to travel by train from Bangkok to Koh Lipe is via Hat Yai. After travelling overnight by sleeper train from Bangkok to Hat Yai you can then transfer to a joint bus and boat service to Koh Lipe departing from in front of Hat Yai Railway Station.

    Stage 1: Train to Hat Yai

    • Train times from Bangkok to Hat Yai.
    Train No.BangkokHat YaiSleeper

    • Buy tickets for travel from Bangkok to Hat Yai.

    Part 2: Joint bus and boat service to Koh Lipe

    • Travel times to Koh Lipe.
    Hat YaiKoh LipeCostCompany
    08:0013:30650 THBSukhothai Tour Hat Yai
    08:0013:30700 THBS.P.S.B.C
    08:3014:00750 THBJolly Travel
    09:3015:00650 THBSukhothai Tour Hat Yai
    10:0015:30700 THBS.P.S.B.C
    11:3016:30650 THBSukhothai Tour Hat Yai
    12:0017:30700 THBS.P.S.B.C
    13:0017:30650 THBSukhothai Tour Hat Yai
    • Buy tickets for travel from Hat Yai Railway Station to Koh Lipe.

    Location of Bangkok Station

    Trains to Hat Yai depart from Bangkok Railway Station.

    Google Map of Bangkok Railway Station

    Location of Hat Yai Railway Station

    Leave the train at Hat Yai Junction Railway Station to board a bus for the journey to Koh Lipe.

    Google Map of Hat Yai Railway Station

    Location of Koh Lipe Ferry Pier

    Joint bus and boat services from Hat Yai arrive in Koh Lipe at Pattaya Beach.

    Google Map of Pattaya Beach

    About Koh Lipe

    During the tourist season in speedboat and ferry services arrive at, and depart from, Pattaya Beach on the south coast of Koh Lipe. Joint services from Hat Yai Railway Station include a speedboat transfer which takes passengers directly to the beach. Larger ferries dock at a large floating pier moored some distance from the beach and passenger on these large ferry service are then taken to the beach in a local wooden boat.

    Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe

    Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe

    Pattaya Beach is not the best beach for swimming or sunathing because of all the boats that use the beach as a pier. The best beaches are on the east and north coasts of Koh Lipe such as Sunrise Beach, Bulow Beach and Sunset Beach

    Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe

    Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe

    Koh Lipe is a very small island so you can easily walk between the various beaches and the location of your hotel, resort or guesthouse is less important than whether the room you book meets your needs and represents value for money.

    Walking Street in Koh Lipe

    Walking Street in Koh Lipe

    The most lively part of Koh Lipe in the evenings is the main street, called Walking Street, which runs northwards from Pattaya Beach through the middle of the island nearly all the way to Sunrise Beach. Walking Street is packed full of restaurants, bars and shops including the island’s only branch of 7-Eleven convenience stores. Unlike Tonsai Village in Koh Phi Phi, Walking Street is not a ‘party zone’ although there are some establishments which stay open a little later in the evening and attract a younger crowd. The bars and restaurants on Walking Street tend to cater more for families and older visitors. 

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