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    Bangkok to Ayutthaya Trains

    By train it takes around 80 to 120 minutes to complete the 71.08 km journey from Bangkok’s main train station to Ayutthaya, however, bear in mind that the train often gets delayed in the busy stretch of railway coming out of Bangkok and journey times can be 30 minutes or more than scheduled. For this reason many travellers choose to take a bus or minivan from Bangkok to Ayutthaya instead of the train. 

    Train times to Ayutthaya

    There are 32 trains per day from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

    2105:4506:58Special Express
    708:3009:47Special Express
    310:5012:15Special Express
    918:1019:44Special Express
    1319:3521:06Special Express
    2520:0021:40Special Express
    2320:3021:52Special Express

    • The fastest train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is Train #7 departing at 08:30, which is scheduled to complete the journey in 1 hour 17 minutes.
    • The slowest trains from Bangkok to Ayutthaya are Train #201 departing at 09:25 and Train #301 departing at 16:30, both of which are scheduled to complete the journey in 2 hours 2 minutes.

    Buy Tickets to Ayutthaya

    Use the Search Box below to buy your tickets from Bangkok to Ayutthaya:

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    Bus and minivan tickets are available to book through the Search Box above.

    Ticket Prices to Ayutthaya

    The cost of train tickets from Bangkok to Ayutthaya depends on both the type of seat you book and the type of train you take. Generally the faster the train the more expensive the ticket.

     Seat Type Station Price
     1st Class A/C Sleeper 886 to 1,046 THB
     2nd Class A/C Sleeper 395 to 715 THB
     2nd Class A/C Seat 245 to 345 THB
     2nd Class Fan Sleeper 385 THB
     2nd Class Fan Seat 65 to 185 THB
     3rd Class Fan Seat 15 to 45 THB

    Third class tickets can only be purchased on the day of travel and are often very popular because many Thai people are eligible to travel for free in 3rd Class on trains in Thailand. 

    Location of Bangkok Station

    Google Map of Bangkok Railway Station

    Location of Ayutthaya Station

    Google Map of Ayutthaya Railway Station

    About Ayutthaya Historical Park

    Ayutthaya Historical Park is located 4 km from the train station, which is on the other side of the Pa Sak River. A tuk-tuk from the station to the historical park will cost around 100 THB. Most of the park is open from 08:00 to 18:00 every day and it costs 50 THB per person to visit each temple. There are quite a few temples to see so you may save money by buying a ticket will allows entry to up to 6 temples for 230 THB. You can buy these multiple entry tickets at the ticket office outside any of the temples in the park.

    Wat Phra Sri Sanphet in Ayutthaya

    Wat Phra Sri Sanphet in Ayutthaya

    The historical park itself cover a large and there are parts of it you do not need to pay to go into. You can easily walk between the major sights in the park but many people choose to rent a bike or even a tuk-tuk for the day to take them between the temples. If you have limited time or limited energy then the three most interesting temples to visit are:

    • Wat Phra Mahathat: This is the temple with the Buddha head growing inside the roots of a bodhi tree. A lot of the Buddha statues had the heads smashed off the bodies by invading Burmese soldiers and they lay scattered around the temple grounds. The Burmese invaded in 1767 and this temple along, with many others in Ayutthaya, has been left in a state of disrepair ever since.
    • Wat Phra Si Sanphet: Probably the most impressive of the temples in the historic park with three large central prang (pointed towers) forming the centre piece of the temple. Around these three central prang are hundreds of smaller prang which have all been carefully geometrically aligned. Its a ruin but it an impressive ruin.
    • Wat Phra Ram: This temple has one very large prang in the centre with four smaller prangs around the outside. What is particularly special about this temple is that the large prang is still intact unlike at other temples in Thailand of a similar age where prangs have this size has collapsed or have been wilfully destroyed.

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