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    Train Travel from Penang (Mayalsia) to Hua Hin

    It is a two stage journey from Penang to Hua Hin if you travel by train, with a change of train at the Malay/Thai border:

    • Stage 1: Penang to Padang Besar (on the border with Thailand).
    • Stage 2: Padang Besar to Hua Hin.

    Train Times to Hua Hin

    • Stage 1: Train times from Penang to Padang Besar.
    TrainPenangPadang BesarService
    294005:2507:16KTM Kommuter
    294406:2508:16KTM Kommuter
    294807:2509:16KTM Kommuter
    295208:2510:16KTM Kommuter
    295409:2511:16KTM Kommuter
    295610:2512:16KTM Kommuter
    296012:2514:16KTM Kommuter
    296414:2516:16KTM Kommuter
    296615:2517:16KTM Kommuter
    296816:2518:16KTM Kommuter
    297217:2519:16KTM Kommuter
    297618:2520:16KTM Kommuter
    298019:2521:16KTM Kommuter
    298421:2523:16KTM Kommuter

    • Stage 2: Train times from Padang Besar to Hua Hin.
    Train No.Padang BesarHua HinService
    4617:0006:00Special Express

    • Malaysia is 1 hour ahead of Thailand.

    Buy Tickets to Hua Hin

    Use Search Box below to buy your train tickets from Padang Besar to Hua Hin:

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    Buy your tickets for the commuter service from Penang to Padang Besar at Butterworth Railway Station before you board the train.

    About Travel to Hua Hin

    Malaysia is 1 hour ahead of Thailand. We recommend taking Train #2964 departing from Butterworth Railway Station near Penang at 14:25 and arriving at 16:16 Malaysia Time (15:16 Thailand Time) to allow yourself 1 hour 46 minutes to pass through immigration in case of delays on the train, or queues at the border, to catch the 17:00 train to Hua Hin. You could catch the next departure at 15:25 and arriving at 17:16 Malaysia Time (16:16 Thailand Time) and make it in time to catch the 17:00 train to Hua Hin but if there are delays you would risk missing the train.

    Seafood at Hua Hin Night Market

    Seafood at Hua Hin Night Market

    This is a long train journey. From the border with Thailand the train journey to Hua Hin is over night and for this reason we recommend we recommend that you book a 2nd Class A/C Sleeper seat. The train staff will make the bed up at around 20:00 and you can go for dinner in the restaurant car and then relax lying down for most of the journey.

    Travel to Penang’s Train Station

    Penang’s train station is on the Malaysian mainland at Butterworth.  If you are coming from Penang island then you have two options for getting to Butterworth railway station. The first option is to take the ferry from George Town. It departs from the pier on the Pengkalan Weld Road just south of Little India and the Chulia Street area. The other option is to take a taxi over the bridge at the north of Penang island and do the journey by road. Allow at least 1 hour for either journey. If you are coming from a destination on the mainland it is also easy to get to Butterworth railway station as the main bus station for Penang is 200 metres away from Butterworth railway station.

    Location of Butterworth Station

    Google Map of Butterworth Railway Station

    Travel in Hua Hin

    Hua Hin Railway Station is 800 metres from Hua Hin beach and close to the lively Night Market.

    Hua Hin has a beautiful Train Station

    Hua Hin has a beautiful Train Station

    There are lots of good guesthouses a short walk from the train station and if you are planning to travel onward by train from Hua Hin then staying near to the train station makes good sense.

    Location of Hua Hin Station

    Google Map of Hua Hin Railway Station

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