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    Guide to Train Travel from Bangkok to Penang

    If you want to travel by train from Bangkok to Penang you now need to take Train #45 to the Thai-Malaysia Border and then change trains to a Malaysian KTM Kommuter service for the final section of the journey to Penang. This is an improvement over the old service (the now defunct Train #35) as the KTM Kommuter trains run a lot a faster than the old direct train service ever did.

    Train times to Penang

    • Stage 1: Train times from Bangkok to Padang Besar.
    TrainBangkokPadang BesarService
    4515:1008:53Special Express

    • Stage 2: Train times from Padang Besar to Penang.
    TrainPadang BesarPenangService
    294105:2507:16KTM Kommuter
    294506:2508:16KTM Kommuter
    294907:2509:16KTM Kommuter
    295308:2510:16KTM Kommuter
    295710:2512:16KTM Kommuter
    296112:2514:16KTM Kommuter
    296313:2515:16KTM Kommuter
    296514:2516:16KTM Kommuter
    296715:2517:16KTM Kommuter
    296916:2518:16KTM Kommuter
    297317:2519:16KTM Kommuter
    297718:2520:16KTM Kommuter
    298119:2521:16KTM Kommuter
    298521:2523:16KTM Kommuter

    Buy Tickets to Penang

    Use the Search Box below to book your tickets on Train #45 from Bangkok to Padang Besar for the first stage of the journey from Bangkok to Penang:

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    Tickets for the second stage of the journey from Padang Besar to Butterworth Railway Station can be purchased at Padang Besar Railway Station on arrival. This is a commuter service and there is no need to book in advance. There are 14 trains a day and even in the unlikely event that the train you want to take is full then you will only have to wait a short time for another departure.

    Little India in Penang

    Little India in Penang

    Bangkok Train Station

    Trains to Penang depart from Bangkok’s main railway station, known locally as Hua Lamphong. There are several different ways to get to Hua Lamphong Station: by metro (MRT), bus, tuk-tuk, taxi and by walking 10 minutes from the Marine Department Pier on the Chao Phraya Express Boat line. Hua Lamphong Station is located in China Town and if you have a few hours to wait the area is well worth exploring. There are many temples and markets to visit within 1 km of the railway station.

    Location of Bangkok Station

    Arrival in Penang

    You need to cross over a short stretch of sea to get from Butterworth Railway Station to reach the island of Penang. There are two ways to do this.

    1. From the train station you can easily walk to the ferry pier. The ferry takes you to the edge of Penang City from where it is an easy 15 minutes walk to the popular tourist areas of the City around Chulia Street, where many of the best hotels are located.

    2. Your second option is to take a taxi from the railway station over a nearby bridge onto Penang by road.

    Onward Travel from Penang

    Train Tickets from Bangkok to Penang

    Bus to Kuala Lumpur

    Onward travel is very easy from Butterworth railway station because it is very close to Butterworth bus station. From Butterworth bus station it is a 4 hour bus journey to Kuala Lumpur. The bus route is quick as the road is mostly 3 lane motorway.

    Route to Butterworth Bus Station

    • Walking distance from Butterworth Railway Station to Butterworth Bus Station: 190 metres
    • Walking time from Butterworth Railway Station to Butterworth Bus Station: 2 minutes

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